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"Thanks ComputerFix-IT for getting me back up and running before I went back to uni - it was a bit of a panic when I thought my laptop was broken but thanks for fixing it so quickly and dropping it back to me before my drive down to Bournemouth!"


"You were key to getting my business up and running!  I couldn't have done it without you!  I'll remember you when I'm rich and famous!" 


"Your engineer was very helpful when sorting out the virus on my PC - I was really grateful for him explaining in basic terms what had happened and for making my computer safe again - a happy computer and a happy customer :-)"


"The ability of to effectively set our IT course as well as implementing our corporate vision has made them a welcome and necessary addition to our organisation."


"Thanks to ComputerFixIT for the training - I am thoroughly enjoying my eBay selling and it's given me a new lease of life - many thanks!"


"Wow - what speedy service when you repaired my cracked screen.  Great service and a great price to match."


"The competitive rate structure of, their service quality and overall expertise were the primary factors for selecting as our business partner."


" operates as an extension of our IT department. Their staff understand not only our technology, but also our corporate goals and our budget. This makes them an ideal partner for us in all things IT."

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